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“At this point words become inadequate and I return to the great discovery I began preparing you for, the knowledge of the one surface with which the world offered itself to this art. Offered, but not yet gave. Accepting it would (and still does) require endless work. Consider for a moment how much work would [...]

Once of my favorite Hadley Hooper pieces, this one entitled “Solstice” (though I usually call it ‘the one with bjork’), and with it I offer best wishes for a peaceful new year.

Denver boosters (and I’ve been known to be one of them) like to talk about 300 days of sunshine. Today is not one of those days, and it looks like tomorrow won’t be either. Could end up with 18 inches or more once this thing is over sometime tomorrow. Appropriate for the solstice. Update (Saturday, [...]

There’s an article in the New York Times today on my favorite place to visit in Portland (which is one of my favorite places to visit). The Chinese gardens in the Rose District is absolutely enchanting, very meditative, and a lovely place to have a cup of tea and a red bean cake. As it [...]

Neo is coming to town! Next year will be exciting for those interested in art in Denver. Besides the opening of the David Adjaye building for the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (sometime next year, rumor has it), there is also going to be a terrific lecture series at the DAM. Here’s the list: Jan. [...]

Ravi Zupa

In: Art and Culture|Denver

14 Dec 2006

Last night Jill and I went to the new Watercourse location on 17th (comfort food for vegetarians, yum) and saw the artwork of this guy, Ravi Zupa, on the walls. As yet another example of the interconnectedness of all things (serendipity), it turns out that Jill had been looking at his work earlier in the [...]

The Semantic Web

In: Design

14 Dec 2006

I think there might be something to this blog thing. Last night, I put up a blog for our local buddhist group at – I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. Ms. Jill Hadley Hooper did the intro animation and the backgrounds, and we worked together on the layout and design. [...]

Local designer and friend Jenny Thomas has a post on today about greenprint denver, which is mayor hickenlooper’s approach to sustainable development in the city. Jenny seems pretty positive about the project, saying that Denver may be “poised to become a leader in energy efficiency.” Here’s hoping. Also, the Denver infill blog has information [...]

I saw this on the worldchanging blog today: According to their website at, the purpose of the organization is as follows: To nurture the oral heritage of minority cultures in a digital world by combining: • A trustworthy participatory process that engages and empowers the youth, dispersed communities and displaced members of minority [...]

Big happenings in the neighborhood; after waiting numerous years, folks on our side of the freeway will be able to walk downtown without being brushed back by buses. This morning I saw a nice note on the subject on The description below comes from the HUNI (Highland United Neighborhoods, Inc.) newsletter. From 10 a.m. [...]


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