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Every year during the stock show the grand champion steer is exhibited in the lobby of the Brown Palace Hotel for one day. As befits such a fancy place, he drinks out of a silver bowl. While the steer is there, you can go get your picture taken with him. It’s free, it’s fun, and [...]

In 1990, Jakob Nielsen and Rolf Molich adapted a psychological principle, called Heuristics, to user-interface design. Nielsen, in particular, has promoted his ten recommended heuristics as a part of heuristic evaluation. But what is heuristic evaluation? According to Nielsen, “Heuristic evaluation is a discount usability engineering method for quick, cheap, and easy evaluation of a [...]

Damn you El NiƱo! It’s snowing again, and today is the RiNo Studio Tour, Iron Pour, and Party at Ironton. The show will go on… Here’s a funny post from Adam Clayton-Holland in the Westword blog about getting a warning for not shoveling the walk in front of his house. And here is a flickr [...]

It’s a challenge for all organizations, but socially engaged non-profit organizations are always looking for ways to build awareness and communicate with potential donors and volunteers. I’ve had the chance to work with Heifer International in the past, and they very effective in how they get the message out to the public. If Web 1.0 [...]

Paul Polak of IDE talks about the ruthless pursuit of affordability in all of the design work that his organization takes on. Of course, the IDE $20 water pump is a great example of how we can bring the poorest of the agricultural poor up from $1/day to $2/day, thereby taking them out of destitute [...]

Thanks to the efforts of the indefagitable Daniel Weinshenker, the Mile High Stories project is going to be starting up again this next month. Daniel, who works with the Center for Digital Storytelling, has hooked us up with the Colorado Historical Society. The CHS is doing an exhibition later in 2007 on the history of [...]

Who says environmentalists can’t have a sense of humor? I actually look forward to getting my “weekly grist”, and not just to find out what horrors have been wrought on the world’s ecosystems. The writing hits a good tone, one that combines humor, insight, and activism. Grist has some insightful columnists (this week’s Ask Umbra [...]

On January 26th and 27th, the River North Art District turns one year old with two days of studio tours. On Friday (evening) and Saturday (day) over forty locations will be open. If you are interested in where art is made in Denver, this event is perfect for you. Following the tour on Saturday (which [...]


I am the principal of Twine Studios - - a user experience research, strategy, and design firm for organizations looking to transform how they engage their audience through rapid, iterative, people-centered approaches.

  • Lavelle Jo-Ann Nomdo: Hugh, on the topic of engagement, most policy-makers are too acutely aware of needing to engage with [...]
  • Lavelle Jo-Ann Nomdo: Hello Hugh How refreshing (even @ 2am south african time) to find another person who can honestly [...]
  • eddie laverty: Hi, I'd like to read the FORA paper, but the links are dead. Do you know of anywhere else I might b [...]
  • Mike: Hello and thank you for your article. I think this would be a perfect career path for me, but I don' [...]
  • Jon Steinar: You are talking about design...period. This article is just a pretencious verbal mastrubation. Sor [...]

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