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What more could you want? This site has all the wisdom in the world, and provides a great way to waste an hour too. I came across this site today called Basic Philosophy as I was doing some research (some days I do a lot of research). This one is a project done by a [...]

Today’s Christian Science Monitor has an article entitled Humans’ beef with livestock: a warmer planet which argues that the easiest way to improve the environment is to cut back on eating meat. According to the article: Researchers at the University of Chicago compared the global warming impact of meat eaters with that of vegetarians and [...]

John Battelle has posted ‘a brief interview’ with Michael Wesch, the guy who created the Web 2.0 video that all the kids are talking about (I linked to it last week). What’s interesting to me is that Professor Wesch is a cultural anthropologist. A trained observer, an ethnographer, as they say. And one with the [...]

I just spent the weekend working with a group of Italians creating digital stories (through the Center for Digital Storytelling, about their lives in Denver and Colorado. It was amazing how many of the stories had Highland connections. For instance, Duke’s story was all about Mount Carmel Church. He was baptised there, his sons [...]

Michael Wesch, a professor at Kansas State University, posted this video on youtube. It’s a good introduction to what’s different about web 2.0.

Len Edgerly sent me a link to a podcast by Andy Goodman called Storytelling for Good Causes on the Social Innovation Conversations website. The presentation was given at Stanford University last fall to a group of social innovators over the age of 60. It runs about 45 minutes long, but is definitely worth a listen, [...]

Maddie and I read the lead article in the New York Times Sunday magazine with interest, as you can well imagine. After all, Maddie considers herself to be the equal of any labradoodle or puggle and, frankly, superior to a bichon-poo or a doodleman pinscher. So it was with some surprise that we visited the [...]

I alway liked Snickers. Good candy bar, a peanut in every bite and all that. But I guess I’m gonna have to give ‘em a break for a while. During last nights superbowl Snickers ran an ad (called “after the kiss”) where two guys share a candy bar, meet lips, and rip their chest hair [...]

In an article in today’s Denver Post entitled Pro-Libeskind forces fire back, Kyle MacMillan cites two influential critics coming to the defense of the new Hamilton wing of the Denver Art Museum. Most interesting is the assessment of Suzanne Stephens of Architectural Record: Regardless of the controversy about the display of art within the canted [...]

Last weekend’s Iron Pour at Ironton and the Studio Tours in RiNo went off pretty much without a hitch. Of course, the weather sucked, but what are you going to do this year? At least it stopped snowing in time to allow the pour to happen. I put some photos up on flickr. If you’ve [...]


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