An Overview

Hugh GrahamThis is the website of Hugh Graham, an experience design researcher and strategist who lives in Denver, Colorado (USA).

I am a design researcher and strategist at Willis Towers Watson and the principal of Twine Studios, a collaborative user experience (UX) research, strategy, and design firm.

What I Do

My goal is to foster connections — between people, communities, products, and services — while encouraging interaction and communication.

I practice at the intersection of user-experience design, organizational strategy, technology, and storytelling. I help organizations build effective platforms for delivering transformative communications and services.

People-centered design is a rapid and iterative interaction design methodology focused on understanding and engaging individuals in ways that are useful, usable, and desirable.


People-centered design approaches are cost-effective and scalable; applicable to both large and small projects, they can be used to generate ideas, to facilitate communications within a project team and with external stakeholders, and to refine and improve interactions on existing applications. Find out more.

A Few Links To Articles On This Site

Over the past few years I’ve posted a number of articles on various topics on this site — here are some links to a few that might be interesting:

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How you can transform your organization through an audience-centered engagement strategy

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An overview of what I do and how I work (sometimes)

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An explanation of how historical and cultural groups can begin to connect with new audiences.

What If? Design
Some thoughts on emergent design and how to create the future…

What is Concept Design?
Using Design Strategy as a tool to achieve business transformation.

Story and Experience Design