All is Grist for the Mill

Who says environmentalists can’t have a sense of humor? I actually look forward to getting my “weekly grist”, and not just to find out what horrors have been wrought on the world’s ecosystems. The writing hits a good tone, one that combines humor, insight, and activism.

Grist has some insightful columnists (this week’s Ask Umbra is worth a read), and they’ve done some excellent interviews in the past with people like Michael Pollan. Also, the Grist List is worth a quick view.

The site is probably best known for their punny headlines. Today’s sampling: “The Problem of the Root”, “If not Nau, when?”, “Capsize Does Matter”, and “Energizer Money”. Sure, Mr. Johnson, the pun may be the lowest form of humour, but Grist puts it together in a way that doesn’t hurt so bad; maybe a spoonful of sugar does help the medicine go down.

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