Art of (and for) Destruction

Bill Amundson is the funniest guy I know. And, man, can he draw. For the past two weeks he’s been drawing buildings on the walls of the Phillip J. Steele Gallery at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. The show opens on Friday, June 15th. It closes on Saturday June 16th. Site specific work intended for rapid destruction. I hope someone has a camera. I’m not quite sure what his left hand is doing in his pocket, but he seems happy enough.

Friday, June 15, 6-9pm
Saturday, June 16, 12-5pm
1600 Pierce Street,
Denver CO 80214

Next up for the gallery at RMCAD (opening June 22nd) is an installation called “Chaussures” by Viviane Le Courtois. Viviane is one of the Denver area’s most compelling installation and performance artists; she had an installation at Ironton last year, and has shown at Pirate, Edge, and numerous other spots. She says this on her website:

Creating sculptures everywhere I go, as long as I live.
I walk, breath, eat, collect, transform and create,
commenting on behaviors and habits of the world around me.

In Viviane’s case, this is not hyperbole. I am particularly fond of her pickles and the work with kombucha. The shoes are pretty cool too.

Vivian has worn over 100 pair of shoes over the past 16 years in more than 30 countries. She makes them herself, and wears them until they fall apart.

Eric Shumake, the new curator at the Steele Galleries at RMCAD, is doing some interesting work; I don’t know how much was put in place before he got there, but I hope he keeps it up. It’s good to see an educational gallery support some of Denver’s most truly talented artists.

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