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I returned from a week on the western slope suprised to find out that this very blog has won an award from Westword for “Best Blog — Cultural“. I was shocked, shocked I tell you. Really. Then I looked at the web page and found out that the readers’ choice went to ‘Slacker and Steve’. Turns out Slacker and Steve are the afternoon DJ’s on Alice 105.9, and they don’t even have a blog. Tough competition. But awfully nice of Westword to give this little side project a mention. I’ll take it as a raising of the bar and a challenge to do more with it in the future.

When I think about it, I’m not sure there is a lot of Denver-based art and culture blogging going on. Westword has a good one called “The Latest Word” (though they couldn’t really give the award to themselves) and 5280 Magazine is better in blog than in print. I enjoy my RSS feeds from The Urban Brain and Denver Infill, but they are primarily about living and building in the city, respectively. Tracy and Jill set one up for the River North Art District, but that’s neighborhood specific.

So, that raises the question. Who is writing about art and culture in Denver? Let me know if you have any ideas…

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  1. What I love about art and culture in Denver is most people who write about it live it first, as opposed to those who write without living it, or – here. Now, I’m not saying, “Hugh, ya basta! Cut it out!” I’m saying congratulations and your blog’s photos are on the first page of Google Images.

    With what is happening in journalism these days, your blog is refreshing to read. Reminds me of the time a reporter called you to ask how you like your neighborhood and you said, “Don’t tell anyone. Please don’t write your article”. A year later, I can’t see downtown from your porch anymore. So you ride your bike and rollerblade and go on walkabouts. I know you live it.

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