Colorado Parkour

jhh and I watched “Casino Royale” last week. The verdict? Daniel Craig makes a decent James Bond. The movie got incredibly boring once they started playing poker. And the opening scene was one of the best action sequences I’ve seen in a movie in a long time.

It turns out that the opening sequence is performed by a french fellow named Sébastien Foucan, in an activity he calls ‘freerunning’, and freerunning is similar to Parkour. All this is fleshed out in some detail in the April 16th issue of The New Yorker (No Obstacles, by Alec Wilkinson). The article meanders a bit, but (as reported on the westword blog) there is a substantial Colorado contingent of ‘traceurs’, led by Ryan Ford. This video shows some of the craziness, and there’s more on their website at

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  1. sebastien foucan is one of the original second generation founders of parkour! i know that sound stupid but their parents came up with it and they didn’t come up with it as a sport they came up with it as a different ways…look it up smart guy

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