John Cuneo: nEuROTIC

Friend and former denverite John Cuneo has a book out called nEuROTIC; It’s published by Fantagraphics, and is comprised of a collection of sketches from his notebooks. Of course, John’s notebooks are legendary; the content is unabashadly filthy, but what makes them compelling is the insight into John’s psyche.

There is a ‘short interview’ with John up on the comics reporter site; he throws out props to his illustrator friends, including Tim Bower, Joe Ciardiello, Mark Ulricksen, and Jill Hadley Hooper (of course).

Give it a read if you are interested in learning more about John’s (twisted?) creative process and how he acts as glue for the illustration community. We had the chance to go up to Woodstock for John’s surprise 50th birthday in January, and it was amazing. One well-placed neutron bomb and the New Yorker would now be using photography for cover art.

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