Denver Culture in the news

Gene Sloan wrote and article that was posted in USA Today today about the burgeoning cultural scene in Denver. It’s not a fantastically in depth article, but it does show off a couple of Denver’s lesser known treasures, the Dikeou Collection and the Kirkland Museum.

The Dikeou has a fabulous collection of contemporary work ranging from a giant pink inflatable bunny by Momoyo Torimitsu (pictured above) to Vic Muniz and (personal favorites) The Royal Art Lodge. But, you would never know it was there unless you’re looking for it. It’s located in an old nondescript office building just off the 16th street mall in downtown, and is only open wednesday through friday from 11 to five.

The Kirkland Museum is of particular interest to designers for its extensive and fascinating collection of twentieth century decorative arts. It’s located at 13th and Pearl in Capital Hill, and is open every afternoon but mondays.

Since I moved back here 20 years ago, the Denver community has struggled to build an infrastructure that supports the creative economy – it’s good to see some results of this effort. Of course, the scene isn’t close to consistently good, and there isn’t the density of some of our coastal cities. But, there’s an increasing awareness of the benefit the cultural component offers to the texture of the city.

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