Jill wants a bunny

Tonight JHH informed me that she wants a bunny. But not just any bunny. A french bunny. A bunny that can hear, smell, talk, read the news, wake you up in the morning, tell you to stop working, talk to other bunnies, move its ears, play the radio, read your email, send visual messages in a semaphore-ish sign language. A pretty extraordinary bunny, in other words.

She says there are two reasons why we need a bunny. First, it’s the first of the smart appliances of the future, and if we don’t accept them now we will be left behind in the future. Second, it’s cute.

In my opinion, it might be a bit too cute. I think I might want to dismember the little fellow after about a week. So, I’m not so sure I’m ready for this. But you can make up your own mind. His name is Nabaztag.

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