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Over the past month I’ve been conducting research for the University of Denver for various web-related projects they have going on. As part of this process, I interviewed a number of undergraduate and graduate students about how they find information, connect with their friends, and generally how they use technology in their daily lives. Without [...]

One of the more difficult parts of doing work without easily identifiable artifacts is describing what you do. When I get asked what I do for a living, I usually answer by saying “design strategy and research.” Which almost always brings on a second question; “what the (expletive deleted) is design strategy and research?” At [...]

When the weather starts getting colder, there’s nothing better than some homemade onion soup. It requires chopping a lot of onions. In “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius“, Dave Eggers talks about how best to chop an onion. I was never quite sure what method he and “Toph” decided was the best. I have my [...]

So, if you take the basic premise that we can model creativity and apply it to daily life, what does it look like? Maybe something like this: Or at least it does in my world. Research is good, vital. Goofing off, very important. Building models, also a key. And if you want critical, I’ll give [...]

Continuing on in the ‘models of design’ theme, here is a model of the creative process I put together for a presentation I gave to 350 toy designers at Mattel in Los Angeles last week (a pretty cool group of people). It’s a variation and adaptation of the process developed by James Webb Young in [...]

This summer when I was at Mike and Kathy McCoy’s High Ground gathering in Buena Vista, Bill Moggridge of IDEO handed the attendees a xerox copy of a hand-scrawled 2×2 diagram. I wandered around with it in my notebook for about 4 months, and finally decided to transcribe to the digital realm this past week. [...]

Things are moving along with the Friends of Historic Riverside Cemetery project. We’ve created a blog, and today Jan was interviewed for Colorado Matters at KCFR. Also, we’ve been contacted by people from the Colorado Genealogical Society and Colorado Preservation. Hopefully we’ll have a productive meeting on November 17th. Read more or get involved at [...]


I am the principal of Twine Studios - - a user experience research, strategy, and design firm for organizations looking to transform how they engage their audience through rapid, iterative, people-centered approaches.

  • Lavelle Jo-Ann Nomdo: Hugh, on the topic of engagement, most policy-makers are too acutely aware of needing to engage with [...]
  • Lavelle Jo-Ann Nomdo: Hello Hugh How refreshing (even @ 2am south african time) to find another person who can honestly [...]
  • eddie laverty: Hi, I'd like to read the FORA paper, but the links are dead. Do you know of anywhere else I might b [...]
  • Mike: Hello and thank you for your article. I think this would be a perfect career path for me, but I don' [...]
  • Jon Steinar: You are talking about design...period. This article is just a pretencious verbal mastrubation. Sor [...]

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