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Overview The title of this article is Story-Centered Design, but what it really concerns is taking an integrated, holistic approach to developing solutions, especially in collaborative problem solving. It is a truism to say we’re working in an increasingly collaborative age, and it may be overstating the case somewhat (people have always worked collaboratively). What [...]

I added a new post to today that’s pretty fascinating. It includes a slideshow of rejection letters from a scrapbook that jhh and I found in our basement back when we lived at 29th and Wyandot here in Highland. The author of the scrapbook was Mary E. Horlbeck, a writer who lived in Edgewater [...]

On Digital Storytelling On Wednesday I had the chance to attend a talk by Joe Lambert at the Colorado History Museum. Joe is the Executive Director and founder of the Center for Digital Storytelling, where he works with my friend Daniel Weinshenker, who runs the Center’s Denver office. The CDS is a non-profit organization based [...]

Mile High Stories is a project I’ve been working on with Daniel Weinshenker and Tim Roessler for a few years now. I just updated the Mile High Stories site, with a new wordpress format and youtube videos. The new site includes ten new stories that were created for the “Italians of Denver” exhibit at the [...]

note: these thoughts are based on a presentation I made this past friday at the Image Space Object conference.

I’m interested in new forms of storytelling, and especially the use of storytelling in designing innovative products and services. I’m also interested in historical forms and variations of stories, and their value for people’s lives.

I love the story of the Pilgrim’s Progress, if only because it helps put our own lives in context. However complex and difficult our lives may be, and with all the challenges we face, it seems unlikely that our lives are more difficult than that of the medieval everyman.

If, as William Blake said in Proverbs of Hell, “Improvement makes straight roads; but the crooked roads without improvement are roads of Genius,” then our goal is to walk down the winding path without knowing all its twists and turns.

I was talking to a couple of writer friends the other day, and they asked me about the value of blogging, and more specifically the value of blogging for writers. I mentioned that there had been an article on the subject on the visual thesaurus website. It turns out that neither of my two writer [...]

When the last living thing has died on account of us, how poetical it would be if Earth could say, in a voice floating up perhaps from the floor of the Grand Canyon, “It is done.” People did not like it here. –Kurt Vonnegut (1922-2007) So it goes…

I had the chance to work as stage manager for Spalding Gray for a summer when I was working with the Illusion Theater and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis in 1985. He was the most compelling storyteller I ever had the privilege of listening to. At the time, he was performing about eight different [...]

I just spent the weekend working with a group of Italians creating digital stories (through the Center for Digital Storytelling, about their lives in Denver and Colorado. It was amazing how many of the stories had Highland connections. For instance, Duke’s story was all about Mount Carmel Church. He was baptised there, his sons [...]

Len Edgerly sent me a link to a podcast by Andy Goodman called Storytelling for Good Causes on the Social Innovation Conversations website. The presentation was given at Stanford University last fall to a group of social innovators over the age of 60. It runs about 45 minutes long, but is definitely worth a listen, [...]


I am the principal of Twine Studios - - a user experience research, strategy, and design firm for organizations looking to transform how they engage their audience through rapid, iterative, people-centered approaches.

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